What to Consider When Choosing a Barber

Finding a good barber may not be as simple as it sounds. This person will have extensive hair knowledge and works with his hair clippers as precisely as a surgeon with his scalpel. And in most cases, they’re also fun to be around.

So what do you look out for when trying to find a good barber?

Client Interest

Before anything, a good barber will ask you questions like what style you want, whether or not you like your current style, and what you want to maintain about your hair. This helps them determine what actions to take while handling your hair, as well as what styling product to recommend for your hairstyle. Also see charlotte hair cut

Seeking Feedback

Seeing your barber should be more than an in-and-out practice. A good barber will never rush through a haircut or a shave and will ask you what you think of the job he’s doing. You may need the sides a lot shorter or the cowlick at the back removed. A good barber will do as you please, seeing to it that you leave the barbershop with a smile.

Test Run

What you’ll love about finding a good barber is being able to give them a test run with a minor job. Instead of going for a hair overhaul right away, try getting the new barber to maybe straighten your hairline or improve your beard a bit. A good barber knows haircuts like the back of his hand, so if he’s not so impressive with a small job, you should take the cue.

Social Media Lookup

Businesses are usually in social media nowadays. Check out some local barbershops on Facebook and Instagram and try to get a feel of what they do. Look for as many before-and-after pics as you can to get a more accurate idea of their skills. And of course, pay attention to the comments too. You’ll want to know how the experience was like for their customers.

Assessing Knowledge

Try talking to the barber about hair. You can ask questions about how to handle your hair, how often you should cut it and what products are best for your hair texture and style. Just listen to a barber talk about hair and you can tell in a way how much knowledge and experience he really has with it. click here for more

Establishing Rapport

Lastly, a good barber isn’t only whiz at cutting hair but will also feel like a friend. When you like your barber as a person, it will be easier to connect with him and vice-versa. Which means there’s a much better chance of you walking out of that barbershop with exactly the look you want.